Install a Paved Patio in Your Backyard

Brick and stone pavers are the perfect materials for creating entertainment spaces in the great outdoors. Hire the pros at JF Landscaping Services to create a custom patio for your home. We can use brick or a variety of different stones to get the exact look you're looking for.

Call JF Landscaping Services at 980-224-7898 to get started on your landscaping or hardscaping project.

Schedule Routine Landscaping and Lawn Care Services

7 ways our professional landscapers can enhance your yard

JF Landscaping Services can bring the beauty of your yard to new heights. Our talented landscapers have 25+ years of experience, as well as the tools and knowledge to:

  1. Fertilize your soil
  2. Lay stone walkways
  3. Mulch your flower beds
  4. Install an irrigation system
  5. Plant trees and plants
  6. Maintain the heath of your grass
  7. Control leaves and pine needles during the fall season

Our lawn care specialists can handle any landscaping project for you. Call JF Landscaping Services of Charlotte, NC at 980-224-7898 to get a free estimate today.

Create stunning flower beds in your yard

If you're a plant person, you want your yard to reflect your love for perennials, shrubs, annuals and trees. Our landscapers can help you design a beautiful flower bed arrangement and install it for you. Have all the fun of picking out beautiful plants for your property without fussing with planting them.

To get started on your flower bed arrangements, call 980-224-7898 to receive a free estimate from JF Landscaping Services.

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