Beautify Your Yard With Mulch, Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

Beautify Your Yard With Mulch, Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

Trust our professional landscapers to maintain your lawn

Planting, mulching and laying stonework takes a good eye and a lot of hard work. Reap all the benefits of beautiful landscaping without lifting a finger by calling JF Landscaping Services for all your landscaping needs. We can:

  • Collect pine needles
  • Place mulch in your flower beds
  • Clear leaves from your yard
  • Plant flowers, trees and shrubs

Whatever your landscaping needs, you can rely on our landscaping pros to beautify your yard. Call JF Landscaping Services at 980-224-7898 to learn how our landscapers can assist you.

Enhance your property value with landscaping services

Did you know landscaping services don’t only add curb appeal to your property, they also add market value? Homeowners who take care of their lawns tend to get more money for their homes when they sell than those who neglect their landscaping.

To learn more about the benefits of landscaping, call JF Landscaping Services at 980-224-7898 and schedule an appointment.


Broken pipes, damaged sprinkler heads and malfunctioning sprinkler boxes are common issues that homeowners have with their irrigation systems. Choose JF Landscaping Services to repair and replace your faulty or damaged system. We’ll work hard to find solutions that meet your needs and budget.