Cultivate a Healthy Lawn

Cultivate a Healthy Lawn

Aerate your lawn for strong regrowth in the spring

Over the course of fall and winter, thatch and compacted dirt can build up and make it difficult for grass to grow. Aeration breaks up this compacted earth and creates space for new growth. JF Landscaping Services can aerate your lawn to set it up for healthy growth in the spring. We'll get rid of excess thatch and other materials, so you can have a vibrant lawn all season long.

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The benefits of aeration

You want a healthy, vibrant lawn when spring comes around. Once your lawn starts to go dormant in the fall, you can aerate your lawn to set it up for success. Aeration benefits your lawn by:

Improving the overall health of your yard

Keeping your lawn from retaining excess moisture

Removing thatch and underbrush that chokes out grass

With our professionals preparing your lawn, you can expect healthy growth going forward. Contact us now for aeration services.